Having the perfect wedding is something attainable if you plan it carefully and know exactly what you want. You can get creative and have a unique wedding day that everyone will remember and enjoy. Since the wedding ceremony is practically the highlight of the event, it wouldn’t hurt to put more thought into it and make it into something special and original that fits you and your partner’s personality.

Here are a few wedding ceremony ideas that you can use or adapt to your own needs; if not all of them are to your liking, you can just use them for inspiration and create your own. If you’re holding the ceremony outdoors, you can serve cocktails or refreshments before you take your vows, and arrange the seats in a circle around you, so that you are literally in the center of attention. You can even turn things around and face the guests while you say your vows. Besides not having to wear the classical white dress, you can also play with the idea of attendants. The bride and groom don’t have to have an equal number of attendants and there could even be a single maid of honor and a few groomsmen. Why not, the bride can choose to have a man of honor instead of bridesmaids, like a brother or good friend; the same can go for the groom. But if you have trouble getting organized and dividing responsibilities, then planning a wedding checklist might be of great help to anyone; with it you will not only know exactly what has to be done, but when it needs to be done and by whom. Nothing will stop you from planning the wedding of your dreams.

Instead of repeating the vows after the priest, you can write your own, which will give the wedding ceremony a more personal and intimate meaning. The bride can choose to not wear a veil and replace the bouquet with a bunch of candles or papier mâché flowers. Though brides are usually associated with princesses with wavy hair and dresses, you could wear a short haircut and a short dress, becoming a youthful and dynamic bride. Bride and groom could even have matching short haircuts and the bride could be walked down the aisle by the groom instead of a member of the family. But if you are keen to keeping tradition and symbolism, both the bride’s parents can escort her down the aisle.

You can also obtain a beautiful wedding without too much effort by investing in a highly floral decor; then, you won;t have to purchase too many decorations, except the flowers which can be found everywhere, from tables to bridesmaids and so on. You can find out more about unique flower arrangements on TheFlowersAvenue, and get more ideas for a bridal bouquet as well.

Choose your own processional music, which could be a favorite song or the couple’s special song. The most important thing is that you and your guests feel comfortable and have a lot of fun. You can have an unconventional, informal wedding and still keep the more important traditions of a wedding. Even if you hire a wedding planner, make sure they clearly understand what you want from this special day, but don’t get fixated on things that cannot be done, especially if your budget is limited.

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