Instead of choosing the traditional gold band, be creative and opt for unique alternative wedding rings. Get inspired from the ideas below and choose the one that suits you the best.

People choose alternative wedding rings for several reasons. Alternative rings can be original, environment-friendly, cheaper, or better capture personal preferences. Of course gold is beautiful, but some people can find it bland and boring, so they prefer to express their love in a more personal way. Fortunately, there are a wide variety of appealing and individualistic alternatives. Still, keep in mind that both parties should agree upon the choice. Furthermore, as a woman, make sure that the wedding ring you choose works great with any type of manicure, whether you prefer sophisticated nails or simple nail designs.

  • Custom Wedding Rings

Wedding rings can be customized according to your tastes, so feel free to choose the stone, layout, jewels and inscriptions. Add a classy touch by having significant words engraved on the ring, such as love notes, initials or dedications. Along with diamonds, the most popular choices for gems are rubies, sapphires, amethyst, and emeralds. You can create unique wedding rings by making an original combination of gems, knotty textures and unusual designs.

  • Wooden Wedding Rings

An alternative to metal rings, the wooden wedding rings start to be a popular option. You can buy hand-crafted rings designed in concordance with your preferences. An interesting idea is create a combination of wood and metal in order to have an original result.

  • Other Options

For people who have sensitive skin to jewelry, titanium wedding rings can be the best alternative, because this metal is entirely non-allergic. Titanium rings can also be custom made. Other materials which can be used for wedding rings are multi-tone, jade, hematite, or mokume game. In matter of style, Jewish and Celtic rings are also popular. For example, Celtic rings come in many interesting designs.

Many women wish to redesign a wedding ring that was passed down from generation to generation in their family. They can use the setting from the old ring and create an updated version.

  • Tattoos as Rings

Skip the actual ring by getting a matching tattoo. The most popular choice is to get a tattoo of a ring on your ring finger. The most popular choice is to get a tattoo of a ring on your ring finger. However, make sure that you tattoo is delicate and it can be hidden by a normal sized ring so that you can hide it if you work in a serious environment or if you try on some simple nail designs which do not work well with the tattoo.

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