Their wedding day is a moment most people dream of and look forward to. But to get there, you first have to plan it. Sure, you could hire a wedding planner, but matters could get out of hand and you could lose control over your own party. Even if you have a planner, you’ll want to be involved in the preparations for one of the most important days of your life. You’ll find that an invaluable tool is a printable wedding checklist. Whether you start planning a year, or six months ahead, this list will help you organize and be organized.


The printable wedding checklist should include your budget, a theme for the party, finding a priest and church for the religious ceremony if you’re having one, and more importantly, possible dates for the wedding day, and even renting a venue if you find one available. The next steps are to find a caterer, a photographer and even a florist. There are many more details that will need tending to, but your printable wedding checklist makes sure that you remember what’s more important and gives some structure to your planning. If you want to buy womens gifts and you have a stressed fiancé, the printable wedding checklist can be just the thing she needed to handle everything successfully.

In what follows you should make a guest list and choose your bridesmaids and groomsmen; you can deal with seating arrangements when all or most of the guests have confirmed their participation. Meanwhile, the bride and groom’s outfits should be chosen, whether you buy or make them at a tailor’s. During this time you should also choose the wedding rings, as it may take a little time to get them fitted, or engraved. A wedding is not complete without music, so be sure to make a list for the DJ. You can also include plans for your honeymoon on your printable wedding checklist. Choose a destination, make reservations and buy the tickets.

Sure, lists can seem pretty boring, but they help things to get done in a proper order; there’s always the unpredictable to count for when you’re planning something this big, so a wedding checklist can help you avoid bigger problems. The printable wedding checklist can also go to your planner, or to whomever is helping with the planning. You can even make a wedding checklist for the photographer, containing the more important guests, so he can make sure to capture enough photos of everyone. From the smallest details, such as buying the personalized wedding favor boxes or flowers, to the more important details, such as hiring a caterer, a wedding checklist will save you a lot of trouble and ensure a perfect wedding day for everyone.

Anyone can, of course, prepare their checklists according to their own preferences and to fit their time and budget. This article only served to point out some guidelines that help you get the wedding you dream of or to offer future grooms who are looking to buy womens gifts an idea.

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