Planning a bridal shower is one of the best parts of being a bridesmaid or a maid of honor. It is a opportunity to put your creativity at work and to show the bride how much you care about her. All the bridesmaids must participate at the planning, the setup and pay for the whole shower. Getting some information from the bride it’s also useful as you should know if she prefers a classic bridal shower, like something that looks more like a formal dinner, or something more casual, like a barbeque. It is very important to make the bride feel good and that’s why you should find out as many details regarding theme and atmosphere from her.

One of the important parts of planning a bridal shower is to know when to organize it. Most likely with a few weeks before the wedding she will be very busy, that’s why it’s essential to set the date when all of the bridesmaids and the bride have a free schedule. Traditionally the bridal shower takes places very close to the date of the wedding, but some brides don’t follow the pattern and prefer it with a couple of weeks, maybe months, ahead. If you’re thinking why the date is so important, because the bride will spend just one day at the shower, you should know that a very important aspect is that the bride must find the perfect outfit and this can take a while. Also you should know that the bridal shower usually start around 2pm.

Other stuff in planning a bridal shower that you should take in considerations is who to invite. The first thing you should do, is to find out who else is holding a bridal shower for the bride. If relatives or other friends of the bride are also planning a shower, than it’s no need to invite them. For this aspect you should talk to the bride’s mother, because usually she knows everything that goes around. It is also important do don’t forget to invite the groom’s and the bride’s parents.

The location is also a factor that you should take in consideration when planning a bridal shower. Usual the hometown is preferred, but it can also be the college town or the city where the bride currently lives in. The location also depends on who is invited, if most of the relatives are invited then the hometown it’s the best solution. Getting an opinion from the bride can be very elusive.

Another aspect that you shouldn’t forget in planning a bridal shower it’s the budget. This should be settled from the begging with all the bridesmaids so there won’t be any argues. Even if we presented this aspect last, it’s usually the most important as it can determine the all other, like how many persons are invited or where it should take place.

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