As we all know, planning a wedding it’s a tough job, and some of the duties falls to the maid of honor. It represents the person, where the bride goes, for advices and guidance and for some of the hard jobs that she can’t handle alone. Even if there are a lot of maid of honor duties that you will have to handle, being chosen as a maid can be taken as a compliment and also it can be very fun. Also the information you will learn in the process, can be very useful for the time you will have to plan your own wedding.

How much or how little of planning and organization you will have to do, depends a lot on the temperament of the bride, and how ample the wedding will be. You should also know that you may become part counselor, secretary, delivery person, facilitator, decorator and many more when you will assist the bride. In the next paragraph you will learn about some of the maid of honor duties before and during the wedding.

The maid of honor duties can imply things like exploring for the right type of flowers and other decorative stuff, searching for the right place to host the wedding, helping the bride choose the perfect dress and choose the dresses for the maids, oversee the delivery process of the dresses, selecting the right invitations and helping with the delivery process, help the bride and the groom choose the ideal honeymoon, attending the cake tasting and the catering meetings, helping with the seating chart details, attend the rehearsal dinner, keep a list of the gifts the bride and groom receive, oversee the timetable and be sure it’s followed so there won’t be any delays in the day of the wedding, and let’s not forget some of the most exciting part of maid of honor duties, hosting the bridal shower and the bachelorette party. Dealing with these aspects can also be a lot of fun, and you also gather important skills and experience. If you want the bridal shower to be truly special, you have to ply it to the future bride’s personality and characteristics, and you can find inspiration for that by asking her to show you what she thinks are the best relationship quotes. It may seem silly, but by reading your friend’s best relationship quotes you can get an idea of what she likes and what she expects in a wedding and a relationship, and you can surprise her with something unique.

Also there are some other maid of honor duties that need to be done on the day of the wedding, other than smiling and keeping the bride happy. Some of them include handling the veils and the dress issues, helping the bride with her hair, jewelry and dress, act as a messenger and a delivery guy between the bride and groom, hold the groom’s ring and the bride’s flower bouquet, be a witness at the marriage license signing, greet everyone that comes at the wedding, hold a toast for the freshly married.
I know it sounds like a hard job being a maid of honor, but believe us, if you will try and have great fun doing all these things, it will be very satisfying in the end.

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