Now that the engagement ring is shining on your finger, you should start thinking about planning the wedding. In order to have the perfect Big Day, you need patience, time, focus and vision. Below you will find some great tips about how to plan a wedding and make the best out of it!

  • Envision your wedding

Wedding planning is about vision. It is important to have an overall vision of your wedding from start to end. Do you have a special place where you want the wedding to take place? Do you want a formal wedding? Will the wedding have a particular theme? What kind of food you want to be served at the wedding?

  • Pick the date

Choose the date according to what season you want the wedding to take place, the availability of the venue or other things you consider important for this stage of wedding planning.

  • Establish a budget

You should choose a functional budget that gives you enough flexibility. Be creative and combine practicality with fantasy in order to stick to the budget, but still have the wedding of your dreams.

  • Order the wedding rings

Make sure you order you wedding rings so that they will be ready until the Big Day arrives.

  • Book the wedding and reception sites

An essential part in wedding planning is booking the sites for the wedding and reception. Compare different locations and choose the ones that correspond to your requirements.

  • Meet the wedding officiant

Set a meeting with your wedding officiant and discuss rules and restrictions about the ceremony and ceremony venue.

  • Make the guest list

Whether you want a small wedding or a big one, make a list with people you want to invite to your special day. Make sure you consider your budget.

  • Choose the dress and wedding attire

Your wedding dress should be the one of your dreams, so take your time and find the right one. Every detail of your outfit should be well-thought, and you have to be certain about every small aspect of it; you can even start looking for some unique hair color ideas, especially if you want to appear completely new and surprising as a bride. There are many unique hair color ideas for brides, which means they aren’t too daring or in poor taste, but they are bold enough to make you look spectacular on your special day.

  • Plan related events

Besides planning the ceremony and reception, don`t forget to also plan your pre-wedding parties and honeymoon.

  • Contact vendors

Contact and hire different vendors such as wedding coordinator, caterer, florist, photographer, video professional, but also other entertainment.

  • Find out state requirements

Each state has its own requirements for getting a marriage license, so find out how long this document remains valid.

  • Consider other paperwork

Planning a wedding involves a lot of paperwork, so make sure you have it all, from invitations to gift registries.

Now that you know more about how to plan a wedding, start preparing for the Big Day! Good luck!

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