Planning a perfect wedding is really one of the most important yet hardest things you have to do as at some point it may become unpleasant. But planning your honeymoon is probably the best part especially when there are a lot of travel agencies that come with various ideas and locations that will certainly make you feel like heaven. And choosing one of the honeymoon resorts is basically the start point of your dreamland trip.

Picking from ideal honeymoon resorts is mostly based on how much money you want to spend and also the time of the year you are planning your wedding. But since is the most important holiday of your life you may want to go to unusual, exotic places that will certainly offer you a romantic and relaxing honeymoon. Remember that this is not just a romantic travel for you and your life partner but also a chance to spend time together after the wedding. It is the time when your new life begins. So you certainly want this to happen in the best place you can get.

A trip somewhere on a relaxing beach is one of the best ideas and when thinking of sunny beaches Florida is certainly a place you want to consider. Miami is an ideal destination for spending some time in the hot sun. After all what can be more relaxing than watching the sunset on the beach with your loves one while enjoying a delicious cocktail. After all Miami is a place known both for relaxation as well as partying. So if you are looking to improve your cocktail recipe list here you are sure to find a bartender that will teach you some easy cocktail recipes. But this is not all; if you want you can choose one of the fairytale honeymoon resorts, the magic Walt Disney World. As a newlywed you have a variety of packages such as the honeymoon escape, the deluxe escape or the romantic escape, which includes a cruise to beautiful Bahamas.

Magical Belize is another exotic top destination. The landscape, combining crystal clear water and jungle forests will definitely make you remember this trip forever. Turtle Inn Resort is an ideal option, mixing luxury with delicious food and a lot of adventure. If you are undecided and don’t know which honeymoon resorts to choose from, you could opt for a cruise. Featuring many cities and beautiful landscapes Regent Seven Seas Cruises offer you a 7 days trip from Monte Carlo to Barcelona.

If a sunny beach is not your ideal pick and mountains are your best friends, you have a lot of options to choose from. Ideally suited for winter weddings, Austria and Switzerland offer you lots of honeymoon resorts. World-renown skiing destinations and cosmopolitan cities such as Zurich, Geneva, Innsbruck or Graz await you with great offers that will make you live the time of your life. Our favorite honeymoon destination remains Florida with its never resting Miami. We simply love the sunny beaches and the easy cocktail recipes. However the most important thing is for you to love the destination that you pick.

So whether you prefer sun or snow, wildlife or big metropolis cities you have plenty options to choose from. Just remember that for the perfect escape you will need to combine your dreams and imagination with destinations offered by travel agencies. You will certainly remember this magical trip as the best you have ever had.

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