Because of their beauty and unique style, gem stone engagement rings are becoming more and more popular. They come in a large variety of choices regarding colors and appearance. The most frequent gemstones used for engagement rings are amber, pearl, opal, emeralds, pink sapphires, blue diamonds, aquamarine, and garnet.

The engagement ring is the love symbol that represents the intention to marriage between a man and a woman. In most countries, the engagement ring is worn by the woman, but there are places where both partners wear it. Men usually choose a more masculine style for the ring, such as the asscher cut design. Regardless the style and design, engagement rings represent a beautiful love declaration.

The most popular gem stones engagement rings feature pink sapphires. Women prefer red and pink gemstones, but blue diamonds are also a great choice because of their durability and beauty. Similar to the hardness of diamonds, rubies can make gorgeous engagement rings.

Instead of opting for traditional diamond and gold engagement rings, take thing a little further by choosing spectacular gemstone engagement rings, as they are definitely an interesting and original alternative. In addition, they can be less expensive than tradition rings. No matter if you choose pink sapphire, emeralds, aquamarine, blue diamond or red ruby, you will definitely make an elegant choice.

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