There are many ways that you can celebrate a bridal shower. A good idea is to make the event, a little different from all other showers. To do so, we recommend to choose something from the bridal shower themes we will present.

One of the most used from all the bridal shower themes is the Room Theme. A certain room is assigned to each guest. You can choose from kitchen, bedroom, living room, dining room, master bedroom, bathroom and so on. Each guest must bring a gift related or that could be useful in that certain room. Also a good thing would be to tell them some details, like “ the bathroom is decorated in blue” so they can have an idea of what to pick.

A food theme is also a good idea from all the bridal shower themes. If the bride knows her way around the kitchen, or loves a certain cuisine, like Italian food, it would be nice to decorate the house in that stile and order Italian food. If you can afford, you can even call a chef to prepare something. A nice idea would be to make some personalized cupcakes for yours guests. Those would make for excellent bridesmaids gifts. The guests can bring gifts that are related to the kitchen.

If the shower is around a certain holiday, you can choose one of the bridal shower themes that relate to that holiday season. Let’s say the Christmas is near… you can tell the guests to bring Christmas related gifts, so that the freshly married won’t have any more expenses in this period. Gifts can be like Christmas decorations or an artificial Christmas tree. Also you may serve cookies, cider or eggnog.

Another interesting theme is the Around the clock theme. Each guests must bring a gift related to a certain hour of the day. For 9AM, they can bring a tea set, toaster or any other things that relate to the breakfast. For 2PM they can bring some electronics or even a barbeque. For 10PM, sheets or pillows are indicated. It all depends on the imagination of the guests and the things that the freshly married like to do at a certain time of the day.

If the couple is planning a big trip for the honeymoon, then a Honeymoon theme is preferred from all the bridal shower themes. The gifts that the guest bring can be related to what the bride and groom will need for their vacation. Suitcases, beach towels, ski costumes can be some ideas. It is also important to know where they will want to spend their honeymoon to be sure that they won’t receive beach related gifts if they plan to go skiing, or vice-versa. Furthermore, the bride should also consider some thematic bridesmaids gifts. After all, this is a great opportunity for her to thank her closest friends for sharing this special moment with her.

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