The bridal shower games are used at bridal showers to get the party moving, and avoid those awkward silence moments. They are very useful to create a bond between all the female persons that may come from different groups or have a big age difference.  The person that gets the most attention is, of course, the bride.

The first one of the bridal shower games we would like to present to you is The Clothespin Game. At first a “ buzz word” must be chosen, preferably something like: bride, wedding, groom or other “wedding-related” words. A clothespin must be offered to each person attending the party. If someone hears another person saying the buzz word then they take that persons clothespin. The winner is the one with the most clothespins at the end.

The Toilet Paper Wedding Dress game is also part of the popular bridal shower games. Two or more groups should be made from all the guests. Each team has a toilet paper roll, and they have a certain amount of time, usually 15 minutes, to create an original wedding dress. At the end, there is a voting session and the team that gets the most votes, wins.

A special place in the fun bridal shower games is reserved for Two Trusts and a Lie. Every guest must introduce themselves and tell two truths and a lie about themselves. Every other person must write down on a piece of paper which thing they thought it was a lie. The winner is the one that guesses the most “lies”.

Another game is Cotton Head. This game is usually preferred by the younger guests, but it can be as fun even for the older ones. After a circle is formed from all ones who want to play, a first to go person is chosen and it’s placed in the middle of the circle. It is given a wooden spoon and a bowl full of cotton balls, then that person is blindfolded. The idea is to put as many cotton balls as you can, on your head.

Maybe one of the most appreciated from all the bridal shower games is “Who am I?”.  Before you start the party a list of famous romantic couples must be made.  Couples like: Fred an Wilma Flintstone, Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie, Antony and Cleopatra, Queen Victoria and Prince Albert can be chosen. Each name should be written separately on name tags and as each guest arrives you should stick them on their  backs without them knowing. Their task will be to ask questions about their identity like: “Am I a singer?” or “Am I fictional?”. The next part is for them to find their other half. When everyone has found out who they are and found their match, the game ends. A prize should be offered to the first couple that manages to do that.

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