You must look flawless on your wedding day, so make sure you take care of the tiniest details regarding you appearance. When it comes to bridal hair accessories, you have a huge variety of styles, materials and designs to choose from. But before thinking of all that you must first invest in hair care products and treatments, because even if you have the most splendid hairstyle it will never look good with brittle or dull hair. Keep in mind that this is the most important event of your life. Unlike you prom night, on your wedding day all eyes will be on you so cute prom hairstyles won’t be enough this time. You need to look flawless throughout the whole day so pick the right hairstyle as well as the best hair products.

Complementing your bridal look, here you have some great bridal hair accessories.

  • Crystals

Highlight your wonderful tresses with crystal accessories and you will simply radiate. Elegant and pure, crystals are among the most popular bridal hair accessories. Crystal hair accessories perfectly go with updos, so do a little research and find the ones that suit your wedding gown the best. You can opt for mesh flower U-hairpin with crystals, crystal side comb, crystal hair slide, hairpins with crystals or flower hair comb with crystals. Wedding hairstyles half up definitely deserve some hair accessories, but make sure they match the style of your dress and your other accessories, so you avoid exaggerating.

  • Tiaras

In order to completely be the queen of the day, complete your hairstyle with mini tiara made of silver, topaz and pearls, or shine with a tiara made of crystals. On the other hand, a Swarovski crystal, pearl and silver sidepiece wonderfully matches a fabulous ivory gown.

  • Flowers

You can successfully complement your wedding hair-style with bridal hair accessories. Both delicate and feminine, the floral motif is also an elegant choice, but make sure it does not look fussy.

  • Bands

Chic bridal accessories, bands can ensure you an original look. Choose Swarovski crystal silk satin ribbon headband, a jeweled circlet, beaded tulle floral headband, or a satin ribbon headband with beaded trim.

  • Feathers

Make an unforgettable appearance by using a white feathered and embroidered organza satin comb. In the past a wedding was the moment that marked a girl’s transformation into a woman. Nowadays things have changed a little but you still need to make a statement and your bridal look plays an essential role. Therefore it is time to leave behind the cute prom hairstyles and focus on more mature and bold hairstyles.

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