A wedding should be the perfect day for any bride. This is something that all women think about ever since they are little, which is why they are always careful to choose exactly what they have dreamed of in terms of dress, decorations and venue. While the dress is definitely something that should be chosen […]

There are many ways that you can celebrate a bridal shower. A good idea is to make the event, a little different from all other showers. To do so, we recommend to choose something from the bridal shower themes we will present. One of the most used from all the bridal shower themes is the […]

Because of their beauty and unique style, gem stone engagement rings are becoming more and more popular. They come in a large variety of choices regarding colors and appearance. The most frequent gemstones used for engagement rings are amber, pearl, opal, emeralds, pink sapphires, blue diamonds, aquamarine, and garnet. The engagement ring is the love […]

A professional wedding planner can guarantee that everything will go smoothly on the wedding day. Wedding planners coordinate, supervise and manage every detail of the happy event, but also make sure nothing perturbs the Big Day. Check out the projections needed for wedding planners below in order to offer them the tools they need to […]

The bridal shower games are used at bridal showers to get the party moving, and avoid those awkward silence moments. They are very useful to create a bond between all the female persons that may come from different groups or have a big age difference.  The person that gets the most attention is, of course, […]

Planning a bridal shower is one of the best parts of being a bridesmaid or a maid of honor. It is a opportunity to put your creativity at work and to show the bride how much you care about her. All the bridesmaids must participate at the planning, the setup and pay for the whole […]

Their wedding day is a moment most people dream of and look forward to. But to get there, you first have to plan it. Sure, you could hire a wedding planner, but matters could get out of hand and you could lose control over your own party. Even if you have a planner, you’ll want […]

Having the perfect wedding is something attainable if you plan it carefully and know exactly what you want. You can get creative and have a unique wedding day that everyone will remember and enjoy. Since the wedding ceremony is practically the highlight of the event, it wouldn’t hurt to put more thought into it and […]

When you’re planning a wedding, there are a million things to do, especially if you want it to be a day everyone will remember. There are guest lists to be made, invitations to send and seating arrangements, finding the perfect spot for the party, choosing a menu, getting a good photographer, not to mention finding […]

From ancient times, flowers have been associated with magical powers especially when it comes to love. Different countries give different meanings to flowers and while in China flowers are seen as a symbol of fertility, in England the flowers indicate flirtation. Moreover, the flower delivery London shops provide to the ones who appreciate beautiful flowers […]

You must look flawless on your wedding day, so make sure you take care of the tiniest details regarding you appearance. When it comes to bridal hair accessories, you have a huge variety of styles, materials and designs to choose from. But before thinking of all that you must first invest in hair care products […]

You’re almost there with your wedding preparations but still haven’t decided on what flowers to choose? For a bride wedding flower bouquets are as important as the dress. But since not every bride has an unlimited budget, you have to pick accordingly. Don’t worry though you’ll find unlimited ideas of wedding flower bouquets decorated with […]

If you already set the wedding date, and your budget isn’t very big, then you should know that you can use a free wedding planner, which will save you a lot of time and money and it’s available on the internet. You can find a lot of planners and all you need is to have […]

Flowers are very important for a wedding. They symbolize youth, purity and inspire happiness. And in planning a wedding, the choosing flowers part is in fact the fun part. Many professional florists will be ready any time to decorate your ceremony and make you truly live the happiest day of your life. Don’t worry if […]

Planning a perfect wedding is really one of the most important yet hardest things you have to do as at some point it may become unpleasant. But planning your honeymoon is probably the best part especially when there are a lot of travel agencies that come with various ideas and locations that will certainly make […]

As we all know, planning a wedding it’s a tough job, and some of the duties falls to the maid of honor. It represents the person, where the bride goes, for advices and guidance and for some of the hard jobs that she can’t handle alone. Even if there are a lot of maid of […]

You’ve finally decided to take this big step of your life. You’re getting married and now that you’ve found the right partner it’s time to find the perfect place for a gorgeous wedding. If you’re thinking about doing something that everyone will remember you should plan your ceremony in Las Vegas. This is a place […]

When choosing your wedding dress, keep in mind also the latest trends, as you can find inspiration for a stunning appearance in your Big Day. As a bride-to-be, you definitely must find out the wedding dresses trends 2012. In this article we have gathered the most popular wedding trends of this year. These trends are […]

Honeymoon is all about romance and celebrating your love. But you can always add some excitement make the best out of your honeymoon. Below you will find the top 10 romantic and exciting honeymoon ideas and choose the most appealing one. Viva Las Vegas Whether you are a gambler or not, Las Vegas can be […]

Instead of choosing the traditional gold band, be creative and opt for unique alternative wedding rings. Get inspired from the ideas below and choose the one that suits you the best. People choose alternative wedding rings for several reasons. Alternative rings can be original, environment-friendly, cheaper, or better capture personal preferences. Of course gold is […]